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Quick Announcement Everyone! Double header shows in may have been booked!


May 9th | Battle of the Bands | Transitions Art Gallery in Tampa | time TBA


May 10th | The Noisebox in Brandon | time TBA




We are a blues oriented, hard rock band based out of Plant City, Florida. We all have experience in vast musical backgrounds. This vast musical background means we play a hard rock style that is rooted in the blues but also has influences of folk, classical, and jazz giving our music a unique style and feel.


All our members play many instruments allowing us the freedom to play a heavy rock song and immediately go to playing a folk driven acoustic, or a mandolin and organ song. This ability allows us to feel out an audience and play what we blieve will get the energy to a precipice.


Our band is also mentored by the veteran musician Marty McIntosh, who has played and performed shows with bands and artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Brian Johnson of ACDC. His tutelage has not only allowed us to improve as musicians individually, but has helped us give the best shows possible.


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